SEO & Online marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Browser optimization plays a key role in positioning your website in the search results. In order to do quality SEO, it is necessary to think about this step from the beginning. The positioning is influenced by almost 200 factors, but the most important ones are quality and quantity of links towards your site, the right choice of keywords and their distribution in elements of your website that Google and other browsers find relevant (titles, page titles, contents, links to other websites).

Our experts will help you prepare the contents for your website in the best way possible, so you can avoid additional costs and the waste of your time. Also, if you wish to improve the rating of your current website in browsers and want a professional service, our experts are at your disposal.

The browser optimization should be considered even after releasing the website for work. Your competition doesn’t stay still and it is possible that because of inactivity in your field, your website loses its position in the search results. Also, Google and other browsers, from time to time, release new SEO techniques and rules, so your website must be optimized according to them.

Google AddWords Campaigns

Google AdWords Campaigns is a Google service that allows the commercial (advertisement) of your company to show up sideward of organic search results for certain keywords, and in some cases above them. This manner of advertising is called PPC (Pay Per Click) since the service user himself determines how much he will pay if someone clicks on his advertisement. The amount you plan to spend is paid through a lump-sum payment and after it is spent the advertisement does not appear until your next payment.

Social Media Advertising

Research shows that social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter belong to the most visited websites on the entire internet. An average American spends more time on social media than on any other activity on the internet, including the usage of e-mails. The second reason that puts social media in a focus, as the most cost-effective for online advertising, is the possibility of targeting target groups so that your ad appears at a certain group of users, which brings to higher efficiency and lower costs. Before setting up a social campaign it is necessary to identify target groups, for which our experienced experts are at your disposal.

Google Maps Optimization

It is long since Google has become the main source of information, and because of this more and more internet users use Google’s index for finding information about companies, services, stores… Google gives more and more space to search results that are shown on Google maps, seen on the right side or above search results, so this kind of optimization (known also as Local Business Optimization) becomes very important for a successful promotion.


Newsletter campaigns offer their clients the production of a complete visual company identity, starting from the logo, memorandum, business cards, flyers, brochures, product catalogues.