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Korekt Company is a company from Belgrade which deals with the representation of renowned companies from the fields of water supply and sewage system equipment (Kaiser Moro, Rioned, IPEK, Enz, Cosmas, Trelleborg, Bisol,…). We had in front of us a task of making a transparent and well-organized website, which the users could handle easily. As an addition, one of the demands was to include a download section from which brochures and leaflets could be downloaded.


The display of activity on the homepage was resolved by including a large slideshow with effective slides and written explanations. The companies that Korekt Company represents are grouped according to the purpose of the products they produce, and so the main menu was structured according to that division. It is also possible to search through the website according to brands. The brochure and leaflet downloading are, besides being in the download section of the website, also enabled on the pages of the products themselves.

Technology used

Joomla CMS, Multilingualism, Download section

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