Belgrade City Museum

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Belgrade City Museum is an institution that consists of a number of smaller museums which are situated in special buildings. Also, it possesses large collections from the prehistoric until modern times.

The task in front of us was to make a multilingual online portal which would present museums that belong to the Belgrade City Museum, its rich collections, exhibition and other educational activities, but it also had to be easily maintainable by the employees of the Museum. Also, there was a demand that the website had to be a sort of an archive for all Museum events, which could easily be searched by years. As a special section of the website, a Museum shop was also planned.


The complicated demands and a large number of various data, which was supposed to be shown, led to making several types of pages with a larger number of dedicated fields in order to gain, as the final product, pages with finely structured data, which would be very easy to maintain. The search for archived pages is conducted by choosing a year from the combo-boxes, thereby achieving space-saving. Subsequently, it was predicted to make an advanced search of museum objects by their attributes.


One of the demands was integration with some of the Newsletter services.


Over 100000 followers on Facebook and an increase in sales by 200%.

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